Settling in…


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So it has been only a few weeks since I started the PGDE course and already it feels as though I have been here or months! That’s not a bad thing, I think it just goes to show how intense and quick the course actually is.

I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the different types of people on the course. Unlike my Undergrad were 99% of the people on the course were either straight from school or under the age of 21. I feel as though the way in which we are being taught or the interaction that we are having with lecturers is far more relaxed and that can only be a positive thing. I don’t remember a time when I was able to actually ask a question in a lecture, nor can I remember any lecturers open the floor to the class allowing us to have a more participative and interactive learning experience. It may not suit everyone, and I know that some people like to ‘hog the floor’ or just like the sound of their own voice but there is some merit in opening up the floor. It sometimes even turns into a massive seminar.

One thing that I’ve really taken to during this course is being organised. I would sometimes do the reading during my undergrad but realistically I was quite reluctant to do it where as I am doing the reading on a constant basis for every class and I am in the library everyday, again something that I would never have done. I think a course like the PGDE changes you, but it changes you for the better. Unlike other courses alot of people have put a great deal of thought into doing the PGDE and similarly to other Professional or Post-Graduate courses. People have given up careers to be here and it is really commendable.

I think that alone is what will keep me going this year. The PGDE was really competitive to get on and we are all here for a reason, we all want to teach.


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