The hardest decision, is to start…

And breathe….

It’s been a while since I last posted something (over a year!) and so much has happened in that short period of time. Tonight I did something that I’ve not done in a while and that was go for a run. Now you might be thinking, I don’t really get where this is going, but bare with me a moment. I like to keep fit and I do this through my sport, Karate, but running/jogging/cardio is a different type of fitness. I kept thinking, I want to go a run. No idea why but I wanted to do it. So initially I had planned to go a run from my house down the road and head back up, roughly about 2 miles in total. Not a huge distance some might say but not being a runner it felt like a decent challenge. Then I changed my mind at the last minute.

From where I stay there’s a large park, Strathclyde Park to be exact, and I remember thinking back to my school days when I did a sponsored 10k in an hour and the following year 6k in 30minutes with little training. I had walked it a few weeks ago and it took me a friend just over an hour a leisurely pace, so my target was under an hour running it.

Due to the lack of cardio training that I normally do, this kind of killed me and it turned into a jo/walk at times but I kept pushing and even though I felt that I was done I managed to get through it and it actually gave me some time to clear my head and think.

With it being a public park there were dog walkers, runners, walkers, cyclists, joggers etc. and I kept thinking, I need to keep up appearances and cant start running or stop running until I hit a certain point or the people I’ve just passed might think something about me (daft I know but we all have those confidence issues).

Then it struck me.

As I was halfway round the park a group of young guys ran passed me, roughly the same age as me if not a little bit older, led by a guy in a red cap, he was the pack leader and the rest were catching up or getting a little bit further behind and I thought nothing of it. I was now seeing people I had seen at the beginning of my journey and kept powering through, walking/running/walking/running and then I came to about a kilometre to where I had started, this was maybe 10minutes or slightly more, and I seen it. The guy in the red cap was only about 100m in front of me. He had slowed down and was walking. Here was someone powering through, totally focused and pushing themselves to the limit and I had nearly caught up with him.

This made me realise something; everyone has to start somewhere. Had that guy started before me and been able to run for longer than me, yes probably. Is he a more experienced runner than me? Again probably.

It just put a smile on my face thinking, I can get to that, I can get there, and you know what, I will get there.

The hardest decision I made today, was to start.


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