Couple invite celebrity panda to their wedding, panda RSVPs to say she can’t make it


Jennifer Lust These guys really, really wanted a panda at their wedding (Picture: Jennifer Lust)

American couple Sara Glickman and Ben Shlesinger had a dream. And that dream was for the Washington National Zoo’s celebrity baby panda, Bao Bao, to attend their wedding.

They planned it all carefully. They sent an invite to ‘Bao Bao and family’, decorated it with panda stickers (nice touch) and even added bamboo as a meal option on the RSVP.

D**n it (Picture: supplied) D**n it (Picture: supplied)

But, sadly, Bao Bao declined (the Kimye wedding was the same weekend #justsaying). Glickman took it on the chin: ‘I get it, she didn’t want to steal the spotlight, very sweet of her.’

Bao Bao Bao Bao, the reluctant celebrity panda (Picture: AP Photo)

Hmm Bao Bao's mum Mei Xiang doesn't look that busy (Picture: Reuters) Hmm Bao Bao’s mum Mei Xiang doesn’t look that busy (Picture: Reuters)

Don’t worry though, they made the best of it and went ahead with their panda-themed wedding without the guest of…

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