So you’ve #Graduated….what next??

11am,  Monday the 1st of July, 2013.

On this day I will graduate from the University of Strathclyde with a BA, Honours, Politics and History, Second Class, Upper Division Classification (2:1 to everyone else!).

Now what exactly does that mean I hear you say…to some people it means nothing or has no meaning at all. Having been the first person from my family, and extended family, to attend University. Hence why when I told my mum the news that I got a pretty decent degree her reply was, ‘Is that good?’ Which I of course laughed and said, ‘Aye mum, its good’.

Like many people when they get their results, I was in shock and awe. I couldn’t believe it. Considering how my entire family had undergone two bereavements within 6 weeks of one another it really was a big moment for me personally.

So when I saw that I had achieved the ‘Holy Grail’ that is a 2:1 I was absolutely over the moon. You may wonder why I called it the ‘Holy Grail’, well if you think about it, its the one thing that all students need to gain a job. For those wanting to enter the corporate world, Graduate Scheme or just anything really, a 2:1 is the minimum that any employer asks for. It becomes the key to every door that has been shut for the past few years. 

There is however another side to the 2:1 ‘Holy Grail’, it needs to be backed up with other activities. Whether that’s sports, volunteering, part time work, working abroad (the list is literally endless!) it has to be there. Some people think that a 2:1 or a 1st is all that they need to get them through but you could have a 1st with no other activities bar you degree. Where as you could have thousands of hours volunteering under your belt, taking part in many different activities and gotten a 2:1, I know who I would prefer to give a job to.

With jobs becoming more and more competitive, students need to be more willing and also aware of the dangers of going into the job market with just their degree.

If you haven’t started doing something extra, you may want to start.

Trust me, there’s still time!

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