#Equality: What does it mean in a Sporting Concept? #Wimbeldon

Now for anyone who knows me they will know that I am all for Equality regardless of the group that it affects and this post may be slightly misconstrued as attacking Equality, but its not. Honest!

Now this is the usual time period where everyone has the Tennis on every hour, spurring on all the British hopefuls (or in this case just Murray and Robson as the rest have been knocked out) and then being shocked at some upsets and wildcards becoming the stars of the show. It what makes sport so exciting and thrilling, however, there is one point that does slightly annoy me. The prize money.

This year both the Men and Women Singles Champions will go down in history and have their name engraved on the Champions Board and they will walk away with £1.6 million in prize money. Now, I have no issue or qualms with how much they get. They work hard for it, they battle their peers and competitors to prove to them that they are the best and they give world class performances that many people watch throughout the world.

This is where the Equality bit comes into it. Both the Men and Women are paid exactly the same. ‘Well of course that’s fair’ I hear you say and I would agree. However, should it not be the case that the Women also play to five sets?

This has proved controversial with many arguing that Women now receive more per hour than their male counterparts. I’m all for Equal Pay, with Equal Work. I believe Women could go the whole hog and play five sets. Their fitness levels are up with the men so why do we have this anomaly of them only playing a total of three? I actually think that it would be beneficial for the sport and the tournament if it was implemented.

Proving that Women are just as tough as Men and that they can go the whole hog. In this instance…I actually think Equal Pay for the prize money does a disservice to both Men and Women Champions. 

Its as almost as if they are saying that Women cant do the same as men when it comes to sport, but we will pay them the same anyway.

There needs to be real progression when it comes to sport and as such there needs to be equality across the board in all aspects. Think about football or rugby, Women play for exactly the same time as their male counterparts, yet it seems to be an anomaly within the sport of tennis.

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