Day Four (13/7/12) and Five (14/7/12) as a #London2012 #gamesmaker…

Day Four is pretty short as half the team had the day off and the other half on the Saturday. Mine was on Friday and after a good few days of running about it was pretty good to just chill out and be able to focus on other things at hand. Mainly that of television, emails and catching up on sleep which was much needed!

We arrived on the Saturday to find that the previous days team had focused on even more posters and decorating the AOC Office with flags, Olympic rings and of course the iconic BK (Boxing Kangaroo!). Now the team had done alot but of course we were aiming to ensure we went further and did better. Not that we were at all competitive, course not…

We kept adding to our collection which includes the very iconic Aussie catchphrase of ‘Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!’ We found out that quite a few Aussies actually cant stand it due to it playing to the Aussie stereotype. This was further confirmed by our own Greek-Australian, Olga who made sure we knew all about her annoyance…in a good way though!!

Unfortunately for Olga the signs, the flags, the decorations all went down a treat with all other countries and gamesmakers. With people coming from across the park to see everything that was happening as we started to morph our section of the village into an Aussie homeland. I’m quite proud to say that we did it as we were tge first to have ours all up and rinning before any other country. Best part was that it was rumoured Team GB would be directly across from where we were and the Australia banners reflected directly into their windows. Nothing like a bit of friendly competition now is there?

This was also the day the Aussie Chef de Missione, Nick Greene wpuld be arriving. Tasked as being 1 of his 2 deidicated drivers, Rob had the pleasure of dtiving to Heathrow, Terminal 5…in Saturday traffic. We never seen him until around 4pm that day having set off about 12pm.

So we carried on putting up the signage and the banners, making the place the envy of all the other countries through out the village.

I was ‘selected’ to do a job by one of the AOC staff, Lisa. I was told it would involve putting clear stickers on windows, easy I hear you say…I wish. The first one wasn’t too bad as it was a picture of BK and it only took us a maximum of about ten minutes or so. It was the next two that were far more difficult. The Olympic Rings and the Australian flag. Both seperate and they had to be in line with those on the otherside of the office.

The technique was that of a painter and decorator to make sure you didnt get any bubbles. We peeled off the plastic and went on getting bubble after bubble out, creasing some parts here and there, pulling it back up again, over and over. There was a slight danger element to this and I really had no idea I would ever be doing this as part of my role. The window was about a foot off the ground so we had a step ladder to help us up obto the leg which was about 2/3 the size of my actual foot. Squeegy in mouth, one hand on a little alcove to keep me on the small ledge and my other hand to guide the large sticker, probably about 4ft by 3ft or something like that. It was a very difficult task. Using muscles in my body that I didn’t know I had, getting cramps and spasms at all the twisting and turning, it was pretty difficult. The Australian Flag was harder than the rings as it was up higher. We needed an extra pair of hands….on our lower backs.

Leaning back, members of the AOC Team came in and just hels us in position. A really random way to get to know some of your colleagues over the next few days. Especially seeing as we had only met some of them that day. We stopped at one point just to catch our breathe, sweat running down our faces, water everywhere as we tried to get the stickers on the windows and we were asked, ‘Do you want to stop for a few minutes?’ The reply was simply and unanimous as me and Lisa looked at each other, ‘No’.

We thundered thru and eventually managed to finish it, even if I did nearly fall a few times as people forgot that they were pushing me up. All in all it was still good fun, I think the pictures after it proved how knackered we were.

And the finished project looked like this:

After our shift we thought we would take a little wander and gave a seat on some pretty ‘un’comfy chairs:

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