12/07/2012 Day Three as a #London2012 #gamesmaker…

Thursday was a bit of a later start for myself and the team, starting at 11am and finishing at 8pm, however what I forgot to mention was that the day before we were asked if we would all like to go out for dinner courtesy of the Australian Olympic Committee. Of course it took everyone a few moments to compute and come up with a very big resounding YES! So I must say that we were already onto a winner with a later start and dinner at a Restaurant TBC.

Having entered the main part of the village myself and Jake, fellow Aussie NOC Assistant, happened to notice that it was pretty busy considering how no athletes had yet arrived and some countries were still to also appear. What day was it, but Press Day! The Olympic Rings situated in the middle of the park were swamped with Broadcasters trying to get there shot and do their piece.

Its actually quite easy to tell who are part of the crew and who are the presenters, mainly due to the fact the presenters rarely carrying anything at all. Heading towards our base we caught one presenter doing his thing and low and behold, he was an Aussie! So we may have been on Aussie TV for all I know!

Now I will admit I had a bit of a mare going thru Security being told you can’t come this way, you need to go that way, don’t walk on the road and we somehow eventually managed to get thru in the end. It was just the backwards and forwards of people saying no. Needless to say when I arrived to meet my team outside the Aussie base I may have announced one or two expletives due to my annoyance.

Nevertheless I calmed down pretty quickly and we were given a briefing of what to expect today. More I & I for the set of town houses round the corner and the putting up of signage on the front of all the balconies. All we were told at this point was it would involve tape, bubbles from the wind and some outdoors activities. Luckily for me I had been ‘summoned’ by Courtney, one of the girls in charge of Accommodation, along with Katrina and we were tasked with finishing the I&I in the townhouses. More postering, due to Blutac gate, running showers, flushing toilets and placing bathmats. We were quite a whizz at these townhouses, even though you entered via level one and had to run up and down the stairs to the lower level and the upper level. I lost a lot of water doing that!

The showers in these ones were designed as a wet room, and in turn im guessing that when it is the Paralympics they will be able to make any adjustments more easily than having to fit a whole new bathroom. If you’ve read my previous ones you will probably remember the ‘Rogue Shower’ that nearly not Katrina out…well it kinda happened again.

Walked into the Wet Room type shower, put the shower on full to test the hot water and low and behold the head flies off and hits the ceiling landing on the floor, but with the added hose flying across the room thus soaking myself from head to toe…great!

After my second shower of the day, Katrina and I finished up and headed to find out what the others had been up to as it was approaching our Lunchtime. We really didn’t know what to expect with these ‘posters’ but we realised we were in for a treat.


So it turned out that actually, the rest of the guys were actually doing something pretty important and visual. When talking to some of the AOC they told us it was the first time they had ever done anything like this before. Usually they hang flags from balconies but they end up getting wrecked, go missing, or even fly away and doesn’t make it feel as at home. I finally twigged what they were meaning when they mentioned the bubbles.

After lunch, whilst the others were putting more of the posters up, Katrina and myself, alongside Courtney and Lauren, someone else from the AOC dealing with accommodation. Started at the top of one building and worked our way down re-arranging the rooms that had three beds in them. It was like a lifesize version of tetris, moving A to B, B to C, and then finally having C at D. All this was to ensure that people could get out into their balcony as those who put them in didn’t really leave any space to open the balcony doors, without sticking a bed in front of it.

The photo below was our way of chilling out after all the heavy lifting. Lauren’s in the middle, she used to play basketball so that might give you an idea of her height!image

Now…I have a pretty bad fear of heights. Not so much that I cant be up high but more to the point of being able to look over the edge of something. That’s kinda when my Vertigo sets in, and I always think that barriers are going to give way. So…when Courtney decided to stick her head over the barrier looking up, which actually looked like she was jumping over the edge my heart nearly exploded. That compounded with Lauren DIVING from where we were standing over to get her, I really could have died. Clutching the wall, keeled over trying to get my breathe back while we all burst out laughing I was really glad to be back inside after that one.

Then came one of my favourite discussions up to this point. On one of the top floors, with the pretty spectacular view from the balcony facing the Olympic Park, Lauren and Courtney remark at the view and whoever is in this room is pretty lucky. They then start to rack their brains as to who is in the apartment as they had assigned each athlete were they were going, ‘Hockey?, No…Basketball? I’m sure its Basketball? No…Volleyball? No…’ I then simply piped up with, ‘Guys, do you want me to check outside the door? We put the signs up yesterday.’ To which they both looked at each other and went… ‘ooowww’, needless to say it wasn’t any of the sports they had come up with. It was Diving, pretty fitting considering the height!

After our little tetris stint I went down to give help to the rest of the team whilst Katrina took on the thrilling task of doing the rota with Rob! They were there for quite a while.

So as not to break the system I went and teamed up with Caroline, Nicky and Louise. We were effectively paper and decorators for quite a bit of time that day. It seemed to be going well, getting done very quickly, letter after letter, don, done , done.

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