So now you are a Sabbatical Officer…

So you’ve done the camapigning, waited over three months, had to go thru mountains and mountains of paper during your handover to try and get your head round everything and now your contract kicks in as the old Executive leave the office.

This annual change over that happens across Student Unions from Cornwall to Aberdeen or Aberysywyth to Newcastle, usually out with the ‘old’ and in with the new.

Being a Sabbatical Officer is one of the hardest, most inspiring and rewarding job a person can ever do but let me tel you this. You thought getting elected was the hard part?

You have no idea whats to come…

Whether its rushing to an occupation after leading a demo against cuts (#Demo2012 btw) or putting your students first when speaking to those within the University, you should always be on the ball. Or at least pretend you know what you are doing, nothing worse than someone who is clueless.

Over the past few years the education sector has been battered and bruised but what always made m eproud was the fact that students up and down the country fought through it and tried to change it for the better. Now it is up to the fresh faced 1st term sabbaticals and the wisdom of the re-elected veterans to take it forward and continue to fight for students rights.

Don’t take anything for granted, don’t put things off, you don’t have time!

Enjoy the Summer, its the last time you get to ‘relax’ and plan anything. If your not busy next year then you aren’t making the most of it 🙂


(Former Sabb)

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