Another (Republican) American Triumph…

Yet again flicking thru news channels and I came across Fox News. Now I know what you are going to say, ‘How can you watch that Right Wing crap?!’ or ‘Don’t you know its a Murdoch machine!’ but the biggest problem is that its actually compelling viewing, or at least the bit I see every week seems to be.

This weeks ‘interesting’ topic was on the issue of airport security and criticisms of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration, a department of Homeland Security). They range from poor customer service relations, hour long waiting times and even unable to deal with complaits that are made to them. So what have the TSA decided to do, or should I say Republican Congressman, Mike Robson, Head of the Homeland Security Transportation Subcommittee (bit of a mouthful right?) decided to do?

They should let thru celebrities, without patting them down. Or more specifically, ‘Stop Patting down Beyonce’  because we can guarantee that Celebrities aren’t going to blow up planes. I really just wonder where on earth people get these ideas from. If Rep. Robson had actually thought about this, and I mean actually engaged his brain, he would probably find that would happen.

1. Do you think the couple with three kids, the dads struglling to get the buggy down to get it thru the x ray scanner and theyve waited over and hour to get thru security is going to love the idea of an A lister waltzing right thru without having waited? I can see why no one would complain at that.

2. What about ‘Celeberities’ who may not be as recognisable? Couldn’t that cause an issue within itself? #Embarassed much?

3. Surely the reason people go thru security and are patted down etc. is to try and prove that they really are trying to pick people at random? (Even if this isn’t always practised).

4. Will it actually make any difference at all? When looking at how many people there are compared to celebrities something like 1:500,000 or whatever the ratio is. It’s not going to speed up the problems that it has or solve them for that matter.

Just because you don’t THINK someone could do it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t stranger things have happened, thats for sure!

(Disclaimer: I do not believe Beyonce would blow up a plane.)

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