Does it really matter to people?


So there I was sitting flicking through the TV channels on Sunday morning. Usually if there is nothing on the TV I maybe flick to the News Channels, usually between the BBC and Sky News then the odd music channel until something may come on that is actually interesting.

This time however I went a bit further up the News channels, passing the likes of Russia Today and France 24 where I came across Fox News – Yes I know what your thinking, why did I even bother stopping? Well to some extent I’m kinda glad that I did. The story they were focusing on at that moment in time happened to be about the Wisconsin recall election where the Republican Governor, Scott Walker is facing the (unlikely) possibility of losing his position – it would take far too long to go into any detail about it so please have a look at it on wiki…not always reliable but in this case it gives an easy account.

So i sat quite enthralled in this coversation, I thought ‘What a great idea. Being able to recall elected members who may have abused heir position in some form or another’ (Note in extreme circumstances rather than the idea that Wisconsin may be more of a politically motivated act than in the public interest). Considering they way things usually work across the Pond ie the political spectrum is so polarised and decisions are made then overturned then made and voerturned again jus to spite political opponents, unlike the UK where we (normally) have a Majority government for four/five years and policies stay in place unless drastically unpopular. So effectively, in this small instance it was American Democracy 1 , UK Democracy 0.

Then came the next news story ‘The words ‘God Bless’ are banned in X state’. I suddenly jumped up and thought…wait, are they beig serious? This is actually getting time on the air? Are you actually kidding me? There are far more important issues out there such as Unemployment, Crime etc. and even Obama’s Equal Pay Act which is somehow causing problems for the Republicans. Surely you would think that men and women are paid the same for the exact same work regardless, would take precedence within the Media over two little words anyday. Apparently not.

It really does annoy me that (some parts of) the media (possibly just fox really) feel the need to only talk about the lesser topics happening within the country to detract from the real issues afecting people.

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