Unemployment has fallen…for who?

So in todays news feed it has been announced that in Scotland alone, the Unemployment rate has fallen another 10,000 from January to March, with the total figure of those out of employment standing at 221,000

Now ministers from all parties across the political spectrum will be jumping on these numbers saying buzz phrases such as ‘it’s a step in the right direction’, ‘we must not get complacent’, ‘we must still do more’ etc. Now I’m all for the reduction in unemployment. Who isn’t? But surely the fact still remains that there is still a long way to go.

On a personal level I know about 8 different people who are all either out of work looking for a job, about to leave college/university and can’t find a job or even underemployed in jobs that barely benefit them at all.

Isn’t it time we stopped cutting in places such as Education or in some cases under funding one area to fund the next *cough* FE for HE in Scotland *cough*. The issue of Unemployment, more particular Youth Unemployment, is one being faced across the world. Is it maybe time that we try and come up with a Global strategy for it?

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