‘Red’ Monday

So, its taken me since what…May? before I actually get my arse in gear to another post. I feel that at times it can be pretty hard to blog but I want to chane emy ways. Kinda like a mid January NY Resolution? Who knows.

One thing that did catch my eye however was the article on the traditional ‘Blue Monday’ or as the Metro called it ‘Red Monday’ as more and more people are feeling not just the usual economic pinch from Christmas gathered together with some unhappinness that sets in for many. The interesting thing about it though was the fact that it also mentions the idea of people becoming more and more agitated as we face the toughest economic problems of 60years. 

Why though do we always have to focus on the negatives? I’d like to know when yellow, green or any other happy happy colour. Why can’t we all be happy happy? 🙂

Ahkwell here’s to a better day tomorrow 🙂


Darren 🙂

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