First Ever Post

So I got to thinking, whilst I procrastinated further upon Facebook, I am that bored that I should right my feelings down and post them to the World…..well here goes nothing 🙂 !

Ive written blogs before but never to the extent where I actually keep them going, or for that matter I remember the username and password that I created. In the light of the current situation blogging seemed like the best escape in all honesty. Whats that I hear you say? Escape from the Royal Wedding?….Nope afraid not, though i will use that as a distraction tomorrow im sure. Or the impending Scottish Election that had til a point taken over a good few eeks of my life, though if you are south of the border and not in any of the regions you will have more than likely been bombarded with local elections and of course…AV. But I’m afraid to say yet again, this is not what I am trying to ‘escape’ it is that other thing that hits thousands, if not millions of people around this time of year. The dreaded ‘E-word’.

With the E-Word comes the S-Word. Thats right readers, I am attempting to escape from the dreaded exam diet that is around. With this glorious sunshine who really wants to sit in doors within the confines of a green library, stifling heat and then the arduous task of trying to get stuff done…nah i definitely prefer this and thats coming from a Ginger scotsman currently being burned by UV rays…OH YEA!!!!

Unfortunately for me, I must attend back to my studies for fear of being another person on the dole queue should I be a graduate with no prospects and a really bad degree. After all, dpon’t we attend University to benefit society as a whole??

Thanks for reading,


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